So I have a TON of Disney stuff. My mom is making me clean my room and get rid of stuff since I’m off to College. I don’t want this stuff to go to waste or to people who don’t love Disney like I do. I have a lot of Disney stuff I am willing to giveaway. I will ship anywhere in the world. I would rather spend money on shipping then just tossing it out and hoping they go to the right home, yes I really love Disney. So here is my Disney Giveaway!

Contest ends August 31st.


  • Must be following  ME(I do check) the follow is to ensure that you actually are a Disney fan and not just trying to win it to take it away from someone else (yes i have seen that before)
  • Reblog as many times as you would like! :)
  • likes do count!


  • Max from The Little Mermaid giant plush. It has always laid on my nice clean floor. even washed it! Very clean (this is going to cost a ton to ship…oh great!)
  • “I Believe” Peter Pan tee. I bought this at Macys a few months back and there was only a Large left. I’m a small but it was just to cute. Needless to say I only wore it once…
  • “Think Tink” crop Top. This is a large because the small went up to my boobs. and that grosses me out. but this you can see some belly. very cute and lightly worn!
  •  Mickey and Minnie shirt. I worn this just for a few days. It is super cute but a tiny bit too tight. It is a small!
  • Snow White shirt. Again bought at Macys and I was just to in love with it to not get it but never wore :/ it is a medium
  • never used Dumbo coloring book!
  • Disney Cruise final night dinner menu. Yes I stole this (well actually I asked to have it and the guy said we can’t let you take it but…if we drop it on the floor and you pick it up and put it in your purse we would never know it was missing. so I took four and I only need one)
  • Disney wedding pen (never been used)
  • Disneyland Official autograph book and pen. I don’t even know how I go this but it has not been used and I have mine…
  • Disneyland resort globe….i have 6 of these..
  • “pretty little pixie” wall clock…I have a ton of Tinkerbell clocks in my room. So this one is for you! it works perfectly
  • 2000 Mickey Plush. Sits in my room and has been washed. Has ALWAYS been clean!!


this was just day one of cleaning out my room. more is to be added!


And may the odds be ever in your favor.